ArtiTree's Gründer


We had the idea of ​​an artificial Christmas tree a year ago: Numerous patterns, a lot of perseverance and a multitude of adjustments were necessary to ultimately create our unique ArtiTree.

Behind the scenes
ArtiTree Gründer Kinderbild

Our history goes back to the roots of our childhood, when we spent every Christmas side by side with our grandparents. The traditional rituals, the shine of lights and the smell of treats shaped our idea of ​​the magic of the holidays. These precious memories created a bond between us and the festive season that will last forever.

Künstlicher Weihnachtsbaum alt

But last year our enthusiasm for the festive season was tested. When we were looking for an artificial Christmas tree to decorate our own living spaces, we encountered dissatisfaction. The available options did not meet the requirements we had for quality, authenticity and festivity. In that moment, driven by determination, we decided to take action and create the Christmas experience we had always dreamed of.

Michael Weyers

Together with Michael Weyers, a valued partner and well-known Christmas tree grower, we launched ArtiTree. Michael's deep connection to real Christmas trees initially presented a challenge to our idea of ​​artificial trees. We shared our vision with him at a casual meeting and a cold beer. As it turned out, however, Michael had already dealt with the issue because some of his customers in recent years had mentioned that they were unfortunately no longer able to buy a real tree for allergy reasons.

Tannenbäume im Schnee

Michael wanted to help ensure that all customers can fulfill their desire for a suitable Christmas tree, regardless of allergies or other challenges. His expert knowledge and passion for real Christmas trees brought a valuable dynamic to our team. Together we worked to develop an artificial Christmas tree that combines the best of both worlds: the realism of a real tree and the longevity of an artificial tree.


Our journey at ArtiTree began with countless mock drafts, a lot of perseverance and endless customizations. We founded the company with the aim of creating something unique that would reflect the festive spirit and values ​​of our own Christmas parties. The idea of ​​creating an artificial Christmas tree that captures the warmth and beauty of a real tree drove us to push our limits.

Realistischer Baumstamm Tannenbaum

Our pursuit of perfection led us to spend many nights in front of the computer perfecting every detail. We carefully selected materials, experimented with different elements and developed the ArtiTree style - a mix of traditional charm and modern elegance.

Stabile Spitze Künstlicher Weihnachtsbaum

Choosing an FSC certified wooden stand with a modern gray tone was a testament to our commitment to sustainability and aesthetics that matched our vision. But the real challenge lay in the stability of the tip - it had to be strong enough to support not only the star, but also other precious decorations. After numerous trials and experiments, we finally found the perfect solution that made our unique tree what it is today.

For us, ArtiTree is more than just a company. It is the result of a deep bond between two cousins ​​and a committed partner who together brought a vision to life. With each unique tree we create, we hope to bring the magic we experienced as children into the hearts and homes of many others.