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What material is the stand made of?

Our stand is made from 100% FSC certified rubberwood.

Where can ArtiTree Christmas trees be purchased?

Our Christmas trees are mainly sold through our own online shop and Amazon. Our artificial Christmas trees can also occasionally be found in local retailers.

Can ArtiTree Christmas trees be placed outside?

Yes, our Christmas trees are also suitable for outdoor use. However, we recommend always placing the trees under a roof for longer durability.

Is return shipping free?

No. You bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

Which artificial Christmas tree for a small space?

Our ArtiTree® Artificial Christmas Tree 80cm is perfect for little space and small rooms.

Is the tip sturdy enough for Christmas decorations?

Yes, Christmas decorations can easily be attached to our top.

What material are ArtiTree's artificial Christmas trees made of?

All of our artificial Christmas trees are made from 100% PE. All needles and branches are manufactured using an injection molding process and impress with their realistic look. The real branch of a Nordmann fir was used to create the injection mold to ensure realistic results.

How long does construction really take?

Setting up our 80cm Christmas tree takes around 15 minutes the first time. Setting up our 180cm Christmas tree takes approx. 30-45 minutes the first time. In the following years, assembly is much quicker because the bag provided is very generous and the tree does not have to be bent back to where it arrives upon delivery.

How many parts does the 180cm Christmas tree consist of?

The tree itself consists of three parts.

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